Empowering you to work safer & smarter.

Overwhelmed with navigating the health & safety landscape?

At Link2EHS our passion for creative elearning solutions is paired with a focus on the Canadian occupational health and safety landscape. We know that navigating that landscape is not always easy. Trust us; we have read a lot of legislation, and regulations, and industry standards.

Born from that is our extensive library of online courses, dedicated to improving your workplace OH&S compliance while reducing the time it takes to get you there.

  • Perfect for your small business
  • Buy only the training you need, when you need it, hosted on our convenient online platform
  • Enjoy all of the flexibility, cost savings, and environmental benefits of online training
  • Expedite training, allowing everyone to work to their own schedule and pace
  • Leaner-focused training programs customized for your needs
  • Leverage our existing library of courses or let us help you develop interactive elearning courses on any topic
  • Advanced administrative features allow you to track employee training, print certificates and export key reports
  • Hosting available on our proprietary Link2eLearning LMS, or courses available as packaged dispatch files for your internal use
  • Contractor Document Management System for streamlining your contractor approvals
  • Have documents uploaded directly to our secure repository
  • Reduce risk and stay compliant with accurate, complete contractor documents
  • Notifications keep you in control of the process and let you know when contractors need to renew their certifications

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The future of learning

Give your employees unlimited access to online training and education

You learn faster and retain information better when the digital training platform you use is stimulating and intuitive, and when you can work at your own pace.

E-learning solutions can be tailored to capture the interest of your learners while maintaining consistency in the curriculum message of each discipline. Whether your learners are all in the same room or scattered across the country in their respective time zones, they can always access the training programs they need, anytime, from any computing device.

The future of learning motivates Link2EHS to continue to seek new methods of instructional design, expand its knowledge base, and become a technical leader. By partnering with Link2EHS, you can take advantage of our elearning capabilities to develop training on a variety of topics.